Why to repair

The pre owned Rolex sports model market has seen prices increase in recent years and certain pre owned models can now sell over list price,  A contributing factor is that it is virtually impossible to find a stainless steel sports model in any authorized Rolex boutique, extremely long or closed waiting lists have created a high demand and  premiums can be charged for the most sought after sports models. Protect your investment, bracelet restoration will ensure your worn bracelet is safe to wear and will add value to your watch. The vintage collectable Rolex market has seen values surge with astronomical hammer prices for example the “Paul Newman ” 6263 panda Daytona. Keep your original bracelet,  Oyster  and Jubilee bracelet restoration can be undertaken at a fracture of the cost compared buying a new bracelet from Rolex.

At Rolex Refurb we can restore and refurbish worn Rolex bracelets including Jubilee, Oyster and President bracelets. The bracelets will be assessed for wear and damage, pins and tubes will be replaced and the bracelet will be tightened and return to a factory finish.