Oyster Bracelet Repair

Examples of our work before and after.

The Oyster flat three piece link bracelet accompanies the professional /sports models. The Iconic Oyster bracelet is built to experience wear and tear in tough environments and known for its robustness and reliability.

  • After many years of everyday use the Oyster bracelet can begin to shown signs of wear.
  • Bracelet restoration can be undertaken at a fraction of the cost compared to buying a new replacement Oyster bracelet from Rolex.
  • A routine stretch repair of the Oyster and Jubilee bracelets does not include repair of the gold centre links. If we should, however, happen to find that these links are worn to the extent that they are in danger of breaking then we can discuss also repairing the centre links for an additional charge.
  • Oyster Bracelet Restoration will involve replacing all tubes and pins and a professional polishing or re-matting of the bracelet to a factory finish.


How will I know my watch will be safe?

Rolex Refurb is affiliated with James Stephens Jewellers, a highly reputable independent luxury jeweller in Crawley, West Sussex. All refurbishment work will be undertaken at their on-site workshop and watches locked away in their fully insured safe overnight. We at Rolex Refurb undertake our work with the utmost responsibility and guarantee to treat your watch with the care and professionalism it demands.


If at all possible we strongly recommend clients to physically drop off their watches at our showroom in West Sussex. We understand, however, that this may be impractical for some clients and as such we offer to pay the special delivery fee for those who wish to send their watches via post. Details of address can be found on the ‘Contacts’ page.

How long will you have my watch for?

A full bracelet refurbishment typically takes between 10 and 21 days depending on the condition of the bracelet. If you would like us to additionally service your Rolex then the total works can take up to 28 days.

How do I pay?

Cash or card payments can be made at our showroom in West Sussex, but we also accept bank transfer.

Are you authorized to undertake services by Rolex?

 Our watchmaker is fully Rolex authorised and experienced in working with luxury timepieces. Any service that is undertaken comes with a one-year guarantee.

All repairs will be undertaken in our workshop in West Sussex , no need to ship abroad.